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I am creating this in hope that, with the help of skaters and people involved with the sport, we can build an all-in-one resource center consisting of all the histories, biographies, events, organizations, clubs, and disciplines of roller figure skating. Other possible topics are equipment specifications, figure and dance diagrams (can include videos), contest placements, rules for events, etc. The idea is that every resource, online or printed, is brought to you right here! Please contribute if you can.

Instructions: Click "Add a Page", give it a name, use the standard layout. Type in your text and upload a picture or video. Make sure to include some sort of reference. If you're tech savvy enough (optional), refer to this guide on how to properly format citations.

For those who do not know me, my name is Tom Schneider. I am from Ohio and have skated over a decade at Brookpark Skateland coached by Judy Smith (Hild). I am currently inactive in competing, but still very passionate about the sport. You can reach me at with any questions. Thank you.

UPDATE: I am currently adding articles that cover the scope of this project. I will strive to have a couple dozen articles up to give everyone an idea of its potential.


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